ICASA End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations


ICASA’s End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations (‘EUSSCR”) came into force on 1 March 2019.  The EUSCCR prescribe the minimum standards for services and details the rights of end-users (also known as ‘subscribers’).

Saint’s compliance and response to the EUSSCR are summarised on this page.

4. Provision of Information to End-Users

Section 4 of the ICASA EUSSCR requires Saint to provide information to end-users at the point of contracting.  Saint’s general Terms and Conditions may be viewed here.  Specific requirements are provided in the relevant application form per product & service.  The table below summarises Saint’s general response to the matters identified in Section 4 of the EUSSCR:

Contract Terms and Conditions Saint's position Comment
Deposit No deposit is charged. The NRC (Non-Recurring Cost) charge covers installation and labour costs, connection fees and the like. At Mitsol’s discretion, some or all of these elements may be waived. The charges are detailed in the product Application Forms.
Connection fee The connection fee is included in the NRC (Non-Recurring Cost of the service)
Administrative fees No administrative fees are charged. Some items such as transfer fees from other ISP to Mitsol may be considered as ‘administration fees’. Where relevant, these are detailed in the product’s Application Form.
Insurance costs No insurance fees are charged. Saint covers the replacement cost of equipment located at the client’s premises where the fault is as a result of matters within Saint’s control. The Client must self-insure equipment purchased from Saint.
In-and-out of bundle rates Not applicable All charges are detailed in the relevant application form. In general, All of Saint’s MRC fees are ‘in-bundle’.
Hardware costs Where hardware is sold to the client, the NRC (Non-Recurring Cost) is detailed in the product Application Forms or bespoke quotation. Hardware items such as consumer routers may be bought from Mitsol. CPE including end-user wireless Equipment and ONT devices remain the property of Mitsol.
Tariff changes during contract term Prices are fixed for the contract term. Changes in VAT rates may impact the final price paid by subscribers.
Early Termination of a contract prior to the expiry of the contract term Early termination is detailed in the Standard Terms and Conditions In general, the subscriber is obliged to pay the full NRC and MRC of the contract.
Carryover of voice minutes and data Not applicable. Most data packages are uncapped and hence there is no carry-over.
Fair Usage Policies Saint products branded ‘LITE’ have a set usage limit for bandwidth usage. This is the sum of upload and download bandwidth. Once this limit is reached, the service speed is reduced to around 25% of the label speed. There is no cap on the usage under these conditions. Saint products branded ‘EXTREME’ do not have a usage cap. In accordance with industry best practice, all products and services are also still subject to an AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy). Saints AUP is defined here: www.saint.co.za/aup/
Date and period of invoicing Services are invoiced and billed monthly in advance. Voice usage services are billed in arrears. Excess charges for wholesale billing products (e.g. those billed on the basis of 95 th percentile) are also billed in arrears.

5. Promotions

From time to time, saint runs promotions on products and services.  Details will be advertised through various media including our Facebook page(s), online advertisements, print advertisements

6. International roaming

Not applicable.

7. Awareness of the charter and compliance

This document/webpage is the embodiment of compliance with Section 7 of the EUSSCR.

8. Billing

Itemized bills for voice usage are available on request from Saint.

9. Quality of Service

saint monitors the performance of its network on an ongoing basis.  Service levels are defined in the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

10. Electronic Communications Network Monitoring

saint’s network is monitored on a 24x7x365 basis through various NMS (Network Management Systems).  Alerts are generated and provided to personnel.  Saint’s support desk is available Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00 on support@saint.net and 087 727 5080.

11. Service Upgrades

Subscribers will be notified timeously of network upgrades that may result in a planned service interruption.  These notifications will be provided by email, SMS, and/or notices on our website and/or portal as required depending on the magnitude of the upgrade.

12. Complaints

Please refer to the Complaints procedure provided at <INSERT URL HERE>.

13. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Should an issue be raised using the Complaints procedure detailed above, the subscriber can address this matter using ICASA’s ADR process as detailed in the regulations.

14. Rebate

Applications for Rebates must be conducted through the Complaints procedure described at www.saint.co.za/complaints.

15. Service Care Line

Service inquiries can be made to Saint using the following mechanisms:

16. Impossibility of Performance

Saint manages the technical performance of its network.  Subscribers will be notified of extensive outages.

17. Compliance reporting

Saint complies with ICASA’s requirement for reporting in accordance with the prescribed or required reporting templates.