ICASA is the official regulator of the South African telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal services sectors.

ICASA’s mandate is set out in the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act, Act No 13 of 2000 (ICASA Act), and the Electronic Communications Act, Act No 35 of 2005, as amended (the EC Act for the regulation of electronic communications in the public interest). This legislation empowers ICASA (“the Authority”) to grant licences, monitor licensee compliance with licence terms and conditions, develop regulations, plan and manage the radio frequency spectrum, and protect consumers.

In terms of telecommunications, ICASA’s main responsibilities relate to licensing, consumer protection and telecommunication numbering.

The Authority licenses electronic communications operators and service providers and monitors their performance to ensure that they discharge the obligations as stipulated in their licences and are adhering to the provisions of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act of 2006 (ICASA Amendment Act).  For more information about ICASA please click on the following link :

End use charter

ICASA’s End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations (EUSSCR) came into force on 1 March 2019.  Included in the EUSCC is the requirement to publish a Complaints Procedure.  saint’s complaints procedure is detailed below.

Complaints process steps

saint subscribes to, and adheres to all the licensing requirements and procedures as laid out by ICASA and part of this, is their published complaints procedure.  The following procedure applies if you wish to lay a complaint:

  1. Send your complaint to us by email using the following email address:, or post a complaint on our portal URL:
  2. Once received, Saint will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 48 hours of the complaint being received.
  3. Saint will then do the following:
    • allocate a reference number to each complaint; and
    • communicate the reference number to the complainant either telephonically, via text, or e-mail.
    • endeavor to resolve all complaints lodged by an end-user within fourteen (14) days of receipt.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, please escalate the issue to ICASA using the following email address: